Dundalk father of two (25) has 'understanding of a child'

Dundalk District Court

Dundalk father of two (25) has 'understanding of a child'

Dundalk District Court heard last week how a father of two with 'the understanding of a child' following a car crash when he was 11, got a stranger in a headlock at a local garage.

Aidan Leonard (25) with an address at Barton Park, Dundalk pleaded guilty to a charge of assault arising out of the incident at Maxol, Castletown Road, Dundalk on June 5th last year.

The defence solicitor initially told the court last Wednesday that he was seeking an adjournment so he could view CCTV footage, which he had only just been supplied with that morning, as he said he wished to consider his client's position in terms of entering a plea.

However, Judge Coughlan told him to go away and watch it and listed it for hearing later in the day.

When the solicitor returned he said his client was pleading guilty.

The court heard he had been given the benefit of the probation act previously in relation to three thefts and one public order offence and was given a three year suspended sentence in 2014 for two counts of arson, although the solicitor stressed that related to a bin that was set on fire, damaging a car.

He added his client was involved in a collision when he was 11 and would have the understanding of a child and was very concerned about the case.

The court was told the injured party had been getting petrol and had a conversation with the accused about glasses, before he went to pay for the fuel but the court heard the defendant put his arm around the man's head and pulled him into a headlock.

The defence solicitor said his client was drunk at the time - as his relationship had fallen apart, but the court heard he no longer drinks, with his last drink being at Christmas when he had one.

The 25 year old lives with his mother and goes with her to bingo four times a week.

Judge John Coughlan adjourned the case until the first of November so a Probation report could be prepared.