Dundalk's newist ice hockey stars


Dundalk's newist ice hockey stars

Last week the Irish Ice Hockey Association held a female 'Learn To Play Hockey' session in Belfast.

28 girls took to the ice, including two transition year students from St Louis here in Dundalk.

Having participated in a number of learn to roller skate and hockey sessions in their PE classes Nicole McCabe and Emily O'Brien made the transition from roller to ice look exceptionally easy.

The girls were put through their paces with lots of skating activities and participated in their first ever game of ice hockey!

"The girls have lots of potential and took it in their stride", stated Sonya McEneaney, Irish female development officer and the girls' PE teacher.

"They told me they're already looking forward to the next session in Dublin on June 10th and are goingto bring more friends from St Louis"

St Louis might have their own ice/roller hockey team in the futures - so watch this space.