Event set to reveal horrors of human trafficking coming to Dundalk

Awareness campaign

Event set to reveal horrors of human trafficking coming to Dundalk
By Ian Cameron ian.cameron@dundalkdemocrat.ie @IanAlexCameron

A human trafficking awareness exposé is set to take place in Dundalk.

The awareness event is set for March 29th at the Redemptorist Church and will run from 9am to 8pm.

A small committee has been brought together to help bring awareness to the horrible world of human trafficking.

It involves An Garda, LLP, Church and community organisations along with the Dept of Justice.

"Trafficking in human beings is a gross violation of human rights," say the group. "It's a modern form of slavery and an extremely profitable business for organised crime.

The Government recognises that trafficking in human beings undermines the human rights and dignity of the person and it will not tolerate persons who engage in any part of trafficking.

In March 2017, the Loreto Sisters and APT will endeavour to bring a UN GIFT Box (Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking) to Ireland.

The GIFT box is a

large walk-in public art installation aimed at raising awareness about victims' experiences of being trafficked.

Since the launch of the GIFT Box in London in 2012 it has travelled to over 100 locations.

“We believe that the GIFT Box is a unique way to raise awareness of human trafficking, and by supporting the initiative, it provides an opportunity for businesses and community groups to demonstrate their commitment to taking a stand against this terrible crime.”