Ravensdale dumper will be prosecuted - McGahon

Litter bugs hit local beauty spot

Ravensdale dumper will be prosecuted - McGahon
By Ian Cameron ian.cameron@dundalkdemocrat.ie @dundalkdemocrat

Fine Gael Councillor for Dundalk Carlingford, John McGahon, has said that the person responsible for illegal dumping in Ravensdale forest will be prosecuted.

Speaking about the recent find of household rubbish in the forest, Cllr McGahon said “It really is disgusting that an individual would drive to a secluded location in the forest and proceed to dump 10 to 15 bags of household rubbish.

“I was alerted to this by a walker on Sunday morning and I reported it to the litter wardens in Louth County Council. The litter wardens were on the scene and were able to identify the person responsible as a result of HSE appointment forms in the rubbish.

“I am delighted that Louth County Council acted so swiftly in identifying the culprit and removing the rubbish within a matter of hours of it being reported.

“A fixed penalty notice will be issued to the person concerned and if they fail to pay they will be taken to court and prosecuted.

“Illegal dumping is a scourge on our countryside, the people who engage this need to realise they will be caught.

“It only takes one piece of evidence in a rubbish bag to find out who is responsible and I am pleased the Litter Wardens in Louth County Council are taking such proactive approach to tackling this issue.”