How can the county council reach out to Louth diaspora?

How can the county council reach out to Louth diaspora?

Louth County Council is looking for ideas for its county diaspora strategy from Dundalk Municipal District.

The council is now focusing on building connections with our local diaspora to benefit local and regional development.

“The success of The Gathering in 2013 indicated the potential created in Louth for local initiatives and community enterprise to enhance and strengthen links and affinity between Ireland and our diaspora communities through tourism, culture and heritage,” said Mary T Daly, Senior Executive Officer, Economic Development, Louth County Council.

“We now want to see how we can leverage our connections to create further jobs in the county.

“We want to Identify who the Louth Diaspora are, where they are, what their interests and expectations are, and how best to engage/communicate with them. How they perceive the diaspora brand vision for the county will be critical to the success of the strategy,” she said.

Sinn Fein councillor Edel Corrigan said in her experience travelling abroad there is quite a hunger among people of Irish descent to know where their families come from.

She said there is a large community in Toronto who originally came from Louth and we should be reaching out to them.

Since the Louth Diaspora project was launched press releases, letters, emails etc have been sent out to Irish agencies all over the world, including IDA teams all over the US. The Society of Louth People in New York has also been contacted.

Cllr Peter Savage pointed out that Louth councillors used to go out to the US and meet with the Irish diaspora but that practice has now ceased. The council management need to spend money to make this work.