Immigrant 'One Stop Shop' at Crowne Plaza


Immigrant 'One Stop Shop' at Crowne Plaza
by Ian Cameron @IanAlexCameron

On Wednesday October 5th the Immigrant Council of Ireland will be hosting a One-Stop-Shop event at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Dundalk.

The event is aiming to encourage community and civic participation of migrants in the locality.

The One-Stop-Shops will be a collection or organisations (both statutory and non-statutory) that will be able to facilitate greater community, civic and political integration of EU and non-EU migrants.

The One-Stop-Shops will be encouraging applications for Irish citizenship, voter registration and community and civic participation at the local level.

The One-Stop-Shops will be organised in locations that are easy for people to access or where there are already large numbers of people passing by. We are also looking for local partners to assist in the process of generating interest in and awareness of the One-Stop- Shops. In addition we are looking for organisations that may be interested in participating in the One-Stop-Shops.

Relevant organisations would be the local volunteer centre, the Franchise Office of the local authority (responsible for voter registration), providers of English language classes, Citizens Information Services, Tidy Towns Groups, other sports, community and cultural groups that are looking for new members or participants. The Immigrant Council will be providing information on applying for citizenship at the One-Stop- Shops.

If you are interested in getting involved in the Dundalk One-Stop-Shop next month please do get in touch.

Joe O’Brien, Integration Outreach Officer, Immigrant Council of Ireland. Contact 087- 9608540 or