John Mitchel's Road Race a huge success

Charity event for suicide awareness

John Mitchel's Road Race a huge success

Mairéad McGuinness, MEP and Vice-President of the European Parliament, has urged people to listen and watch out for people around us who may be in distress or feeling isolated or troubled.

She was speaking after the John Mitchell’s charity event to raise awareness of suicide in the community

Mairead kick started the special 6 km road race organised by John Mitchell's Gaelic Football Club in conjunction with Cycle Against Suicide.

The event started at the clubhouse and returned via a 6km loop.

There was a huge turnout and it proved a huge success.

Mairead said it is important that we are all enabled to develop a deeper understanding of the issues and factors at play that result in individuals taking their own lives so that we may be more empowered to help find solutions that will prevent people taking their own lives and also assist those devastated by the loss of a loved one.

She said suicide knows no class boundaries or occupations.

“We need to listen very carefully and we need to be a conduit to help for those in our families and communities who may be experiencing distress,” she said.

“Suicide is a complex issue and it doesn’t have any simple or clear pathway. It often leaving family and friends desperately searching to try and understand what happened.”

Mairead thanked John Mitchell’s for raising awareness about what she said is “one of the biggest challenges of our age”.