Post Polio Group offers its help to all survivors

Post Polio Group offers its help to all survivors

Brendan Moore, a volunteer with the Post Polio Support Group, has appealed to any polio survivors in Louth to contact the organisation if they feel the need for support.

Brendan, who is from Pearse Park Dundalk said there are 7,000 polio survivors in the country and 200 in Louth.

“Polio survivors are especially vulnerable during the winter months,” said Brendan. “They are more vulnerable to the cold weather and (financially) fuel bills can be a problem.

“The group is very grateful to local businesses such as the Great Northern Distillery, Tesco, and local credit unions, for their support.

“All donations go directly to the people who need the help.”

The Post Polio Group for this region holds meetings at the Shirley Arms in Carrick and on 24 October World Polio Day, it hoped to have the Town Hall in Dundalk floodlit in a symbolic blue colour.

Many people’s reaction to hearing about the work of the organisation, is to say ‘I thought polio has been eradicated from Ireland', but many people are living with disabilities .

They are the only organisation in Ireland providing practical support (and sometimes more importantly a listening ear) to those unfortunate enough to have contracted Polio when babies or young children.

They can provide stair lifts, callipers, bespoke footwear, electric scooters and wheelchairs.

They also help survivors access physiotherapy, occupational therapy and respite breaks, and they help those who need it with assistance with their heating bills.

The group works to raise awareness, provide information on polio and its late effects and to ensure polio survivors can live with dignity.

For further information contact: Emma Clarke Conway, Development Officer, or 087 2981944. Post Polio Support Group, Unit 319, Capel Buildings, Mary’s Abbey, Dublin 7, 01 8898920.