De la Salle residents angry over damage

De la Salle residents angry over damage

Gene Yore

The residents group at De la Salle Crescent Ardee are angry about damage caused to trees on their prize-winning estate by an agricultural vehicle.

Colm Carey, chairman of the estaes residents' group, said a vehicle which was used to gain access to agricultural land damged trees and straw was left strewn on the roadway.

“It's terrible,” he said. Trees were broken by a vehicle coming down through the estate.

“Another entrance could be used on the Drogheda Road.

“There is no need to go up to the fields through the estate.”

Cllr Jim Tenanty said he will be taking the matter up with the county council who owned the De la Salle estate.

De la Salle Crescent has won many prizes in the Louth Looking Good competition including the overall prize.

“This year's judges came around the day after the damage was done,” said Colm.

“Luckily we had tidied things up by then.

“But this should not be happening.”

When De la Salle last won the Overall Prize in Louth Looking Good, the citation said:

“Your estate was presented in a litter free manner and your attention to detail in eliminating kerbside weeds throughout the entire estate is truly amazing”.

A wonderful cleanliness rating and a remarkable achievement for an estate of this size.

Chief executive:

We can hold our heads high nationally and indeed are looked at with envy by many counties insofar as our Tidy Towns programme is concerned. This success requires a partnership approach and I am proud that Louth County Council is one part of that partnership with you but, of course, key partners also include the Board and Executive of Louth Leader Partnership, our lead sponsor, Indaver, and our Category sponsors—without you it wouldn’t happen and I thank you for your continued support.