'Hectic' Leaving Cert results morning at The Marist

Leaving Cert Results Day in Dundalk

'Hectic' Leaving Cert results morning at The Marist


Principal Con McGinley of St Mary's told the Democrat: "We've have some exceptional results, and many of the students have gotten the points needed for their first CAO choice."

Mr McGinley said there was generally a joyful atmosphere as the school's many sixth year students nervously received their results.

"It's pretty hectic down there at the moment. We opened up at around 8.55am," said Mr McGinley.

"We haven't yet totted up the results and that will take place over the coming hours and days," said McGinley speaking at 11am.

"There's still a small number yet to receive their results, while others will likely go online at 12 noon.

"The school is open all day and teacher available should pupils want to discuss their results."