'Contact the council now' warns Sharkey

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'Contact the council now' warns Sharkey

Cllr Tomás Sharkey has issued a stark reminder to those on the housing list to return their Housing Needs Assessment before 12 August.

Those on Louth's ever increasing council house waiting list have just 10 days left to fill out a review form sent to them or face being 'terminated' from the list.

"It is crucial that everybody on the Council's list responds by filling in this form and returning it,” says Cllr Sharkey.

“Everybody on the list should receive it. If you haven't CONTACT THE COUNCIL NOW."

"Every time this type of review happens people forget to respond or just don't get the letter.

“They are taken off the list and the government claim that the housing crisis isn't as bad as thought.

Then we have a problem trying to get people back on the list and reinstate their previous waiting period.”

The information provided by each applicant will be reassessed under the Social Housing Assessment Regulations 2011 taking into account the applicant's eligibility and need.

However the council state that “If you fail to return this information within the specified time, your application for social housing support will be terminated.”