PayPal clean Gyles Quay beach and list off items

Environmental clean-up

PayPal clean Gyles Quay beach and list off items
By Ian Cameron @IanAlexCameron

On Saturday 23 July a group of Volunteers from PayPal's Green Team in Dundalk set out to clean the beach at Gyles Quay.

This was their second beach clean this year having done a clean-up at Greenore in May.

There were 12 volunteers in all and they had quite a substantial haul of waste materials.

The Green Team at PayPal endeavor to complete a third beach clean in September the location of which has yet to be decided.

Their efforts are supported by An Taisce cleaner coasts campaign and the Louth County Council.

The crew found a depressing number of items that have been left by people visititing the beach and leaving litter behind.

The list included:

Bags Plastic: 41

Bags Paper: 8

Bottles Plastic: 77

Bottles Glass: 25

Sweet/Crisp Wrappers: 12

Drinks Cans: 121

Bottle caps/lids: 33

Food Packaging: 17

Cigarette butts: 11

Cigarette Lighter: 2

Cardboard: 3

Disposable Nappies: 1

Sanitary Towels: 7

6 pack drinks ring holder: 2

Cups: 6

Plastic Utensils: 11

Lolly Sticks: 9

Cartons: 9

Disposable BBQ: 5

Clothing / Shoes: 13

Food Cans: 14

Toys: 5

Baby Wipes: 26

Tampon & Applicators: 6lly Sticks:

There were also fishing industry detritus:

Crab /Lobster pots: 6

Fishing line: 3

Fishing Nets: 5

Pieces of wood: 9

Rubber tubing: 7

Rope: 11

String: 5

Strapping Bands: 3

Plastic sheeting / Tarp: 4

Metal containers: 2

Plastic containers: 2

A tyre, building rubble, polystyrene, a bucket, wires and a plastic fence post.