St Fursey's helping to promote wildlife

Local Wildlife Awareness

St Fursey's helping to promote wildlife
Democrat Reporter @DundalkDemocrat

Louth Regional Game Council (LRGC) has launched an initiative for 2016 to promote wildlife awareness and conservation in national schools in Louth.

To promote this they have partnered with Louth Men’s sheds and are offering bird nesting boxes and bird feeding tables to schools across the county.

The tables and nest boxes are made locally by Men’s sheds.

Later in the autumn LRGC will be offering native species trees for planting.

LRGC is the umbrella body for game hunting and shooting sports in Louth.

They have over thirty clubs with in excess of eight hundred members.

LRGC promotes sustainable hunting and in partnership with land owners conserve habitat to the benefit of all wildlife.

They operate Rathescar reserve near Dunleer and this comprises nearly forty acres of ponds and mixed woodland.

Some of the trees here are almost two hundred and fifty years old.

This facility open to the public with lakeside and forest walks.

The lakeside walk is wheelchair accessible.

The LRGC encourages school visits to the reserve as there is a wonderful variety of flora and fauna there to be seen.