Lawless' set to kick off their own 1916 party

Centenary Celebrations

Lawless' set to kick off their own 1916 party
Cathal Sweeney @DundalkDemocrat

Celebratory plans are getting under way in W. Lawless Barbershop & Candy Store. The Barbershop, situated for the past 100 years in Park Street, first opened its doors in 1916.

The celebrations will take place on Friday the 20th and Saturday the 21st of this month.

There will be a photographic exhibition, displaying memories of the building throughout the past 100 years. The walls of the barbershop are adorned with old photographs and items from around the town many years ago, so the addition of the exhibition will be something all locals will have an interest.

The staff are pulling out all the stops, turning the event into a trip back-in-time, as they will be dressed in full 1916-garb, in the form of old, white barber-jackets, during festivities. The barbershop will also be decorated as it was back in 1916, a must see for anyone who has an interest in local history.

There will be music on both days, which will be provided on the 20th, by Cúchulainn Celtic Strings, who will be accompanied by Irish Dancers, and on the 21st, by the Dublin trad-singer Conor Quinn. Both acts will be kicking off at 3pm.

The centenary celebrations will start at 12pm on both days.

There will be champagne with strawberries and finger-food for those in attendance. More music and events are yet to be announced.

For more information on W. Lawless Barbershop and Candy Store, or the event, call 089 454 9360, or visit their Facebook page