Action-Age computer training for over 55s


Action-Age computer training for over 55s

Age Action Ireland, with support from DkIT’s Lifelong Learning Centre and PayPal, have again rolled out the innovative IT for Older Persons course during this spring.

Thirty-eight over 55s have taken the opportunity to come to Dundalk IT over six Thursday evenings and get free one-to-one lessons from skilled volunteer IT tutors.  According to the 2012 Irish Census, 21 per cent of the 60-74 age group now use the internet every day compared to nine per cent five years previously and many Age Action participants avail of this course to enhance their PC, laptop, smartphone and tablet skills and to exploit online services such as banking, pay bills or make various bookings; or use it to Google, Skype family and go on Facebook.

This course is also a great social occasion. The contribution of all the volunteer tutors is invaluable and includes many DKIT and PayPal staff. The demand for the course is ever present and if you feel like contributing as a volunteer tutor to the autumn 2016 course, please do make contact with Martha via

They would like to take this opportunity to thank most sincerely all of the volunteer tutors without whom the successful running of this course would not be possible.