Bins burned in act of wanton vandalism

Arson attack on bins at Square

Bins burned in act of wanton vandalism

A number of bins were burned at The Square in Dundalk last week.

The arson attack left an ugly eyesore for pedestrians and one big mess to be cleaned up on Market Square by the owners.

The 'attack' took place over the course of Tuesday night, Wednesday morning of last week outside the side of Ulster Bank.

The bins had been left out for collection.

Photographs taken at the scene show that a blaze was started inside at least one of the bins.

The county council told The Democrat:

“Louth County Council is disappointed that such an act would be perpetrated particularly in our town centre location.

“Louth County Council staff, contractors and members of Tidy Towns groups throughout the county do their utmost to maintain town and village environments in a clean and well presented manner and such a willful act as setting light to private bins is very disappointing. The bins are privately owned and the investigation of such a crime is a matter for the gardai.”