New oil monitoring app is pretty slick

New oil monitoring app is pretty slick

Dunraven Systems Ltd have now officially launched OilPal, an oil monitoring app aimed at the consumer through their new website

The app, designed and developed in Dundalk allows the user to monitor their oil levels, usage and spending anytime, anywhere.

The OilPal was developed to compliment the current Apollo product range and offer a self- monitoring possibility to all oil heated households.

Michael McCaughley, Business Manager at Dunraven Systems Ltd commented that “The handy estimated days to run out and approximate volume of heating oil left in the tank are important features for consumers who are constantly on the go”.

In addition to this, OilPal also alerts the user to low oil levels and large sudden drop in the tanks oil level giving the consumer peace of mind that they have enough oil throughout the year.

“The OilPal is based on 100% reliable technology and was developed to complement our current Apollo product range to offer a self-monitoring possibility for households,” Michael adds.

The OilPal works by attaching the OilPal Ultrasonic Tank Sensor to the consumer’s oil tank.

This sensor wirelessly sends oil level data to the OilPal modem which in turn sends the data to a personal OilPal account that can be accessed through The OilPal app can work on any web enabled device, meaning the consumer can keep an eye on their oil levels at the touch of a button, anytime or anywhere in the world. Ends

For further information on OilPal visit or follow OilPal on Facebook or Twitter.