Local courthouse is slammed over wheelchair access

Disability rights

Local courthouse is slammed over wheelchair access

A local disability campaigner has written a letter to the disability officer of Dundalk court services to complain about a lack of wheelchair access to the building.

Mark Fitzsimons - disability advocate of Louth Environmental group has written an open letter to the court services over his complain that there is a lack of wheelchair access in a number of areas within the building.

He writes that he believes the courthouse contravenes the Disability Act, 2005 and that proceedings should be moved to another, more suitable building.

“ I am writing to you as a member and advocate of the disability community of Ireland to formally complain and to notify you that your Court and any proceedings which take place therein are held in direct contravention of S. 25 of the Disability Act, 2005.”

Given the nature of the business that takes place in your building and the importance of our rights as citizens to access to justice and given the time frame that you were given to comply with the above legislation, I am now formally require you/your organisation to immediately desist from discriminating against disabled citizens... and to have proceedings temporarily moved to a building which fully complies with the above legislation e.g. Redeemer Family Resource Centre or An Táin Theatre in the Dundalk Town Hall, until such a time as Dundalk Courthouse and each of its courtrooms have fully complied with the above legislation.”