Sharkey says change town's loading bays

Taxi ranks operating successfully says Garda Superintendent

Sharkey says change town's loading bays

Councillor Tomás Sharkey has proposed a new way of using loading bays in the centre of Dundalk.

The Sinn Fein councillor put the idea forward at the recent Municipal District Committee meeting in Dundalk.

“I want a new model of use for loading bays on our town streets,” the councillor said during a discussion on the effectiveness of the taxi ranks introduced to Park Stree and Francis Street.

“Many of the loading bays are empty most of the day while traders are crying out for customers to be able to park and shop on the main streets.

“My proposal would be for a new model of use to be developed where traders would know in advance who a delivery is due and inform the town centre Commercial Management office electronically.

“This would allow for a new electronic screen to display the reserved times at a loading bay, allowing motorists to park outside these times.

"Of course it is not a fool safe plan. It is a proposal for a new idea which would be researched, planned, developed, implemented and reviewed. If it doesn't work, we can try something new. If it does work we could still find improvements and continue to implement it.

"Business and town planning constantly change. As a policy maker, I want to constantly seek new answers to existing and emerging problems. I want Dundalk to be to the fore in seeking new initiatives .

Earlier, Garda Superintendent Gerry Curley told the meeting that the taxi ranks were operating successfuly.

“There was a need for more ranks. They have been in operation for two years now.

“It has been affective in removing congestion and obstruction at night,” he said.

“There had been difficulties getting garda and emergency vehicles into the centre of the town.

“It hasn't removed the entire proble,” Garda Supt Curley said, “but it is working well.”