Good day at the office

Good day at the office
Head to Portlaoise, pummel the locals into submission and progress into the quarter finals.

Head to Portlaoise, pummel the locals into submission and progress into the quarter finals.

Not a bad Sunday at the office for Aidan O’Rourke and the Louth team at all.

Few would have predicted the eventual ten point winning margin and fewer still would have expected Laois to play so poorly and cough up so much possession either.

But as he sifted through the performance afterwards, Louth boss Aidan O’Rourke wasn’t about to get too far ahead of himself.

“I’m very pleased with it. I’m not sure about it being a complete performance, but we played very well for long periods of the game.

“We’re probably thankful that we got Laois on a day when they didn’t played at their normal intensity and normal base, but we had to capitalise on that and credit to the fellas, they played extremely well”, added the Armagh man.

O’Rourke wanted to praise the contribution of the more virgin players who stepped up on Sunday, in particular debut man John Bingham.

“It’s easy to say that when the game is over. Some of the younger more inexperienced fellas acquitted themselves really well, a word for John Bingham there. He made his debut at corner back and was outstanding”, explained the Louth boss.

“The more experienced players probably closed the game out for us. Paddy, Brian White and Shane Lennon in particular were exceptional.”

In many peoples minds Brian White was the undoubted man of the match, but naturally O’Rourke wanted to point to the all-round game and the contribution of the entire panel and their dedication to the tasks they were presented with.

“The emphasis on everything we do is done as a unit. And today Brian and Shane put the cherry on the cake, but those two boys will tell you that they were just finishing off the good work of the other lads.

“We’re under no illusions that it takes a serious amount of hard work to put Shane and Brian into these scoring positions.”

The result will be viewed nationally as an upset of sorts, given Laois’ previous form in the championship last year, yet the Louth boss always knew his players had the potential to take on one of the perceived bigger teams in Leinster and get a result.

“I don’t know how it will sit with anyone else. I’m very confident in the ability within the group. There’s a phenomenal amount of footballing talent in this squad.

“And on any given day if we perform, we’re a match for most teams and I think we’ve proved that today. But the next day against Wexford will be a different set of equations.”