Overheard in Dundalk: Some classic lines from the Town

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter

Overheard in Dundalk: Some classic lines from the Town

We came upon an old Facebook page called 'Overheard in Dundalk', which appears to have been set up many moons ago.

Anyway here's some classic Dundalk lines from the page.

P.S. Even we're not sure how you pronounce some of these to be honest.

All credit to: Overheard in Dundalk


- Dats de gawdds onhis truuddd

- Wait till I get a hoult a ya

- Me lectricity bill is unwreal hey

- Me nerves is at me

- Ya wouldn't see dat on de radio would ya

- Member wen we use'nta go in de schoo-il and go on de mitch in dice hauss hill or down da coohullan casel

- Mother shouting down the street to the childer : "yaarrr dinnersss pawwred ou-wih!"

- Bawx a carrols an a pinta HAarp mate

- Nearly de weekend hey. Be headin ou for a lawwk a pints!

- Bueedifal wedder. Think il go down de rawwk for a wee ice cream from danny hughesis.

- Local taxi rank office after a night out: "he-are mate! If ya's don't shut yisser mouts yissel get no taxi!"