Stephen’s security system can defend homes against crime

LAST week 100 Garda Siochana stations closed around the country.

LAST week 100 Garda Siochana stations closed around the country.

Admitingly there were no closures here in Louth, but the move has caused a lot of controversy, and once again raised the issue of crime and protection against crime, especially in the home.

One local man has been looking at this greater need for home security devices.

A year ago, Ardee man Stephen Englishby found himself unemployed.

“I was unemployed from June 2010 to October 2011,” said Stephen, “so I decided to look at setting up my own business.”

Stephen developed a wireless door entry system that allows a person in any room of their home to see who is at the door via a small portable screen.

If they are unsure of the person at the door they can take a photograph, again via the screen.

If they are away and someone comes to the door, a photograph is taken when the doorbell is pressed.

Stephen, who is now expanding his customer base throughout the country, said Louth was the location where he wanted to set up his business.

“I’m now in business a year and I’m happy to say I’m already breaking even.”

“County Louth is my main customer base, and the county’s Age Friendly initiatives have helped me enormously. Doors opened straight away.”

His company is called Melifont Trading and he has now teamed up with Frank Lennon of Ardee Coach Trim.

The two companies have been appointed sole distributors in Ireland for a unique range of digital wireless camera systems for vehicles.

Frank employs up to 20 people in Ardee and Mellifont Trading is ready to expand.

“This is my second year in business and Frank has come in with me to help both our companies grow,” said Stephen.

Last October Stephen attended the county, and the country’s, first ever Age-Friendly Consumer Fair at Darver Castle.

He met with a great response, and believes the product his business produces is a perfect example of how the age friendly initiatives undertaken in Louth are not only helping its older population but also creating jobs.

“I also deal with the local branch of the Irish Wheelchair Association, people with MS, people who are living alone, in fact, everyone who wants security.

“I have had great support from Vincent Jackson of the Garda Crime Prevention Unit, and Joe English of Louth Co Enterprise Board.”