Good Morning Louth proves
a lifeline for senior citizens

GOOD Morning Louth is one of the county’s great success stories.

GOOD Morning Louth is one of the county’s great success stories.

It’s a telephone service for older people in county Louth. The main aim of Good Morning Louth is to ensure people are safe and well in their own homes, but it does more than that.

It allows people living on their own to have a line of communication with the local community.

It means they are never alone.

Someone can wake up in the morning and get a call asking if they are okay.

As we get older, loneliness and isolation can be a real problem, So this is not just a phoneline, it’s a door that opens out to reveal a whole new world to people who may feel cut off.

“People have a right to chat, to interact,” said Ann Murphy Project Co-ordinator Good Morning Louth. This service provides everything social interaction gives us. It’s like someone saying: “it’s me, a person. I just want to talk to you”.

“We have a great team of volunteers, mostly active retired people who are in tune with people’s needs.

“It’s a real engagement. There’s humour, there’s fun, because the volunteer manning the phoneline and the regular caller are on the same wavelenght and can built up a rapoar.

So how does one join up and become part of Good Morning Louth.

“If people contact us I will explain how the service works, answer any queries, any concerns and they can join up.

“They can decide what days and what times they want a call.

“It means that when people wake up in the morning they know they are going to have somebody they can chat with.

“We can also help with security, care and repair, and their are talks available about various social services.”

Ann is delighted with the volunteers who keep the lines open.

They are all fully trained, Garda veted, and for the most part of the same generation as the callers, so there is an immediate empathy.

They built a bond with the people using the service, which is free, and open to everybody in the town and county.

People can arrange to have calls made to their home to check on their well-being.

They can have a call made on a day and time they themselves decide.

Good Morning Louth operates Monday to Friday from 9am to 1pm.

It started just a year ago and in that time they have built up over 100 very happy callers.

It has also been a year of immense satisfaction for Ann and her staff.

For further information contact Anne Murphy. 042-9330103.

Or call to 76 Aspen House Seatown Dundalk (at the junction of Seatown and Castle Road opposite the Castle).