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Every day more than 10 lives are lost in Ireland as a result of a sudden heart attack.

Every day more than 10 lives are lost in Ireland as a result of a sudden heart attack.

In fact, cardiovascular disease (CVD) is responsible for 1 in every 3 deaths in Ireland.

It is clear that many of us walk around, unaware that there is a time-bomb ticking in our chests.

The Heart Of The Matter is a one-hour documentary presented by George Lee which tells a startling new story about cardiovascular disease - Ireland’s biggest killer.

At the centre of the documentary is one of Ireland’s most successful entrepreneurs - David Bobbett.

The late Larry McGuill of Dunleer, the father of Louth athletics, was a fundraiser for numerous charities for nearly half a century and a worker and contributor to almost every local organisation.

In his later years, Larry did great work for the Mater Heart House Foundation.

On his 70th birthday all donations went to The Mater Heart House Foundation and SADS Awareness. They amounted to €1,580 euro.

Over 120 family members and friends turned up in the the Valley Inn for that occasion and many people travelled from all over the country.

Larry had often expressed his gratitude to Mary Moorehead, Dr Hugh McCann, Dr Joe Galvin and all the medical staff at the Mater, and he worked tirelessly raising funds for the new heart screening centre at the hospital.

So there should be a strong mid-Louth interest in this documentary.

George Lee learns that scientific advances and medical innovation is allowing a greater understanding of the underlying causes behind CVD and ever more sophisticated methods of early diagnosis and treatment - long before a heart attack need happen.

He travels to talk to leading experts on both sides of the Atlantic, eager to explore for himself the reality behind Ireland’s frightening heart disease statistics.  Many preventive cardiologists have built their world view on the assumption that heart attacks aren’t inevitable – but rather they are a systemic failure of diagnosis and prevention.  As one contributor to the programme noted:  “Most of the cars never reach the garage”.

George also speaks to near-miss survivors of heart attacks in Ireland about their terrifying experiences. All over the country, homes and families know all too well the devastation that arrives when a heart attack strikes, seemingly out-of-the-blue.

The programme will also examine the approach of the Irish health authorities to the challenge of the CVD epidemic.