Vodafone jobs in Dundalk still up in the air

The telecoms giant is still unable to clarify the position of jobs in Dundalk

The telecoms giant is still unable to clarify the position of jobs in Dundalk

With consultation ongoing for the past four weeks regarding the transfer of jobs, very little information has been forthcoming to worried workers to date.

According to one affected employee, they were told at a meeting last Friday week by management that redundancy packages had been agreed upon and they just needed to be signed off.

Which they were informed would happen last Monday and subsequently they would be offered terms by last Tuesday.

However, the Dundalk Democrat has learned that nothing has happened since then.

Employees received an internal communication email from their union on Monday evening which stated that “unfortunately we are still not in a position to clarify the options available to those of you who have indicated that you do not expect to be in a position to move with your roles when you leave Dundalk.”

A second email from the union was sent to members on Friday afternoon with the intent of updating the situation.

However, it failed to answer many questions and no timeline is mentioned.

“When we have completed our negotiations and have agreed responses to the remaining questions (which at this point in time we cannot give a definite date for), we will convene meetings of members and each member will be given a memorandum containing the outcome of the negotiations and we will conduct a secret ballot in which members will be asked to accept or reject the outcome of the negotiations.”

Speaking to this paper, a disgruntled employee voiced his frustration at the whole situation.

“On my team we have not been told a single thing in over four weeks, there are people I know genuinely coming into work each day pleading for a meeting to get some information, until it happens we all just hold out hope that the next day in work something will be said to us.

The toll on workers is starting to have an impact as well.

“There are people so stressed and worried about it they are unable to come into work, they are taking sick days, which, unlike Vodafone staff, Rigney Dolphin staff do not get paid for,” he added.

The source finished by commending the work that staff have done for Vodafone over the years and the legacy which will be left behind.

“There are brilliant workers in this building in Dundalk, who over the years have helped Vodafone to such high standards of customer service.

“It’s just a shame that at the end of the day a company can care so little for the people who are the foundations of the entire company and simply disregard them like their lives do not matter.”