Saying 'cheese' in Louth with all the confidence of dazzling teeth




Saying 'cheese' in Louth with all the confidence of dazzling teeth

Saying 'cheese' in Louth with all the confidence of dazzling teeth

When you're having your photograph taken, either on your own or as part of a group, do you open your mouth wide in a great, big, beaming smile? Or do you try to keep it as closed as possible to mask teeth you're not altogether proud of?

Whatever the case, when you smile, your pearly whites are front and centre, and everyone notices them. In Louth, it’s likely that many people are not all that fond of the condition of their teeth, and would love to have something done so that they sparkle and look great once again.

It turns out that there's a marked rise in the number of people in Louth wanting to improve their teeth so that they look good whatever the photo opportunity, or simply just to give themselves a confidence boost in their work and home lives. Nobody, after all, wants bad teeth, and dentists in Louth are experiencing a surge in patients seeking cosmetic dentistry treatments that give them that winning smile they always dreamed of.

Thankfully, having dental implants like veneers and crowns is no longer the realm of Hollywood luminaries. Due to cheap cosmetic dentistry that's also high quality and uses the latest technology to deliver outstanding results, everyone can avail of cosmetic dentistry in Ireland so that their teeth are in perfect condition, both from a health and aesthetic point of view. There's no longer any excuse to have teeth you are ashamed of and wish you could do something about.

The kinds of cosmetic dentistry people in Ireland are most familiar with are teeth whitening, veneers and crowns. Teeth whitening has become incredibly popular all over the country, including in Louth, and these days, it's a simple procedure. You can buy affordable teeth whitening kits from your local dentist and even the supermarket.

Teeth whitening kits usually contain a gel that has a whitening agent, which is applied to the teeth either in a kind of mould that fits over them or in strips. You just have to leave it in place for a while — around 20 minutes to half an hour — and repeat the process for a period of time. Many dentists are now also offering their own teeth whitening services as part of their general dentistry, where you can get the job done in one go and benefit from sparkling teeth for several months or more.

For those looking for a more permanent solution to their dental woes, veneers and crowns are the obvious solution. Veneers are panels of ceramic or other materials, such as resin, that are placed over the front of the teeth, while crowns envelop the whole tooth and also have the effect of protecting them from problems such as decay and disease. Both are designed to repel stains, so unlike teeth, which absorb staining elements from foods like curries and colour-heavy drinks like tea, coffee and red wine, they will stay white for years, no matter what you consume — as long as you look after them properly.  

Cosmetic dentistry in Ireland has become so affordable and fast that it's no surprise so many people are having various procedures done to improve their teeth and give them incredible smiles. Advancements in dental implants mean you can now have veneers and crowns fitted in a day, so there are no endless appointments and waiting for the work to be done.

The old days of not looking after ourselves, either our health or appearance, are long gone. Now has become a time of deep self-improvement, both on the inside and visibly. We all want to be healthy, happy and look great, whether we're women or men and of whatever age.

And if you could have a million-dollar smile for relatively little outlay and effort — wowing your family, friends, associates and clients — why wouldn’t you? It really could give you the personal or career boost you are looking for.

James Hiney is an authority on aesthetic dentistry and implantology who has studied leading techniques at universities in Ireland and around the world. He is the founder and director of The James Clinic, which has dental practices in Meath, Westmeath and Offaly.