NER celebrate a fantastic year

North East Runners held their awards night in Ridley’s on Saturday to acknowledge the club’s various achievements during the year.

North East Runners held their awards night in Ridley’s on Saturday to acknowledge the club’s various achievements during the year.

The club completed one of it’s most successful years to date and has grown dramatically over the last four years with membership increasing from 35 right up to 186 in the last four years.

The track highlight of the year was Brian Lynch’s world record and World Championship win in the Over 60 1500m indoor event in a time of 4:26.72. Brian was the natural winner of the Mickey McEneaney Trophy for milking success from just one race!

Road running saw Brian McCluskey lead the field in many local events with top veteran award going to Aidan Brennan who won silver in the national Over 50 events.

Cross Country saw the two biggest events in the national calendar taking place locally with DkIT proving a fabulous venue.

The club and all other clubs under the Louth Athletics umbrella worked together to ensure the events were run perfectly. The National Inter Club event in February saw NER take gold in Grade B.

The club also set a record in Louth Cross Country that can never be broken - just equalled - when they won the men’s titles in all four events, Novice, Intermediate, Senior and most recently the Masters. Maurice McMahon was nominated as Performer of the Year as he was in the top two finishers in all events and was the only man to score on all four teams.

A lot of background work goes into preparing events such as the marking of courses, results, stewards, etc. Colm Hearty received due acknowledgement for his part in this.

The club would also like to thank Melanie Hearty, Sabrina Mulholland and Colin Mullen for organising the awards night.

Coaches and trainers are essential to any sporting club with Michael Jordan, Simon Allen, Jim Callan, Barry Meegan and Barry Sullivan getting praise for their work.

Niall Gorham got his award for his part in training the bypass group for six months. Michael had been away from competition for eight years but came back this year to win the Over 60 National 5000m.

Meanwhile, Amanda Brannigan, who has only been running for two years, got her award for her performance in the Felda 5km. Jim Gonnelly was also awarded for his lack of performances in the Athlone and Dublin Half Marathons!

Frequent racers Jason Hill and Paul Dullaghan added to their bling collections with awards for getting the most medals throughout the year.

Although injured for most of the year, Suzy Macken was still in attendance at all events and was awarded Supporter of the Year and regrading the GAA Supporter of the Year award, this went to Ciaran Gorman. The Brotherhood award went to Stephen Mulholland and Brian Lynch.

Colin Mullen won the very toughly contested RAW Target t-shirt with many contenders in the category for 2014. Jim has already said the 2015 competition will be much tougher to win as he will train at least twice a week without getting injured.

Guest presenter Jason Hill sponsored the Hill Bronzing Experience category with Ciaran Gorman winning his second prize of the night.

Brendan Reid’s remarkable streak of going for a run every day now extends to three and a half years as he won the Forest Gump award.