Former editor turns pen to fiction with new novel

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Former Dundalk Democrat editor Anthony Murphy will release his third book and his first work of fiction this week.

Former Dundalk Democrat editor Anthony Murphy will release his third book and his first work of fiction this week.

The author has a number of books under his belt, most notably ‘Island of the Setting Sun’ and ‘Newgrange: Monument to Immortality’, which look at the myths and cosmology of Ireland’s ancient monuments, most notably those in the Boyne Valley.

Now Murphy has turned to fiction writing with the release of his new novella, called ‘Land of the Ever-Living Ones’. The book will be launched at an event in The Barbican Centre, Drogheda, this Friday night, November 29th at 7.30pm. An electronic version of the book is already available to buy on Amazon Kindle.

“This really is a lifetime ‘ ambition fulfilled,” Mr. Murphy told the Dundalk Democrat. “I always wanted to write fiction, but somehow ended up writing non-fiction. I think that fiction has a greater market potential than non-fiction, especially in this era of electronic publishing. It will be interesting to see how the novel sells on Kindle.”

The new book takes the form of a dialogue between a wise old man (a sean-draoi) and a young boy at a fireside in ancient Ireland.

“It explores many themes, including the elements, the sky and the earth, the sun, moon and stars, and, in particular, the afterlife and the otherworld. It explores some of the fundamental mysteries of humanity, primarily the question of what happens to us when we die,” the author said.

There are several references to Irish myths and ancient monuments, and the novella also features a visit to the otherworld experienced by the old man at Newgrange.

“Irish readers will find themselves on familiar ground with this book, but it also has a very universal flavour,” Anthony said.

“I think a lot of people will draw a great deal of positivity from it. Its central message is one of hope.

“I believe that in order to move forward from the current crisis we find ourselves in, we must first go back, back to our most ancient traditions, which still carry a strong message and a useful lesson for today’s frenetic world.”

Land of the Ever-Living Ones is available for Amazon Kindle on and and will be available to purchase in printed form from the author at