Sharon’s violin sells on eBay

A CUSTOM violin, donated by local musician Sharon Corr to Oxfam Ireland, has sold on eBay for £1,600.

A CUSTOM violin, donated by local musician Sharon Corr to Oxfam Ireland, has sold on eBay for £1,600.

The Barcus-Berry violin, which is painted in the colours of the Irish tricolour, attracted 21 bids since being placed up for auction on the site last week, with an anonymous bidder clinching the instrument in the end.

Sharon, a member of family group The Corrs who is currently promoting her solo album, offered up the iconic instrument in support of Make Space for Oxfam, a campaign to highlight the need of the charity’s stores for more donations. Oxfam’s donations have been hit in recent times by the upsurge around the country of second hand shops paying for old clothes etc.

Proceeds from the sale of the violin, which was specially handcrafted for Sharon in France, will support Oxfam’s long term development work and their ability to respond to emergencies such as the current crisis in East Africa, where up to 13 million people face starvation. Speaking about why she decided to donate the prized instrument, Sharon said: “I donated a violin to Oxfam that was a special gift to me because I know that Oxfam can raise money by selling this donation to make a real difference to people living in poverty.

“Even if you only pick one item your local Oxfam shop would love it. You can be sure they will look after it, find someone else who will love it for longer, and raise as much money as possible to help poor people around the world.” Sharon explained how the violin is very close to her heart, as it was custom made for her six years ago by renowned violin manufacturers Barcus-Berry. “It has been living very happily underneath the space where my piano is at home. This violin defines me, and I think anything you identify with like that is very, very special. “I think if you are going to give something, you should give something that is very special to you because then you are truly giving.”She appealed for anyone who has something special at home they would like to donate to charity to consider giving it to Oxfam. Oxfam Ireland are now particularly appealing for good quality books, CDs, DVDs, shoes, belts, handbags, dresses, shirts, trousers, suits, wedding dresses, homewares, any item of good quality that you no longer need. Sharon, who is a judge on RTÉ’s new reality music show The Voice, performed in Amsterdam recently.