Healthier, happier and 4 stone lighter

A NEW Slimming Group is set to open at the Fairways on Monday 9 January, which will be hosted by a slimmer who lost four stone in her quest to shed weight.

A NEW Slimming Group is set to open at the Fairways on Monday 9 January, which will be hosted by a slimmer who lost four stone in her quest to shed weight.

Earlier this year Grainne Smartt was facing the prospect of her 40th birthday in September and decided she needed to kick the weight for good before the big day.

Having heard great reports from friends, Grainne decided to join her local Slimming World group and she wished that by the time her birthday came around she’d like to wear a slinky dress instead of trying to hide herself under layers of baggy clothes.

She also wanted to get healthier so she could enjoy her granddaughter Aoibhin.

Now an unbelivable four stone lighter her dream for 2012 is to help people like herself to achieve their weight loss dream.

In January 2011 Grainne was beginning to burst out of her size 16/18 wardrobe.

Grainne says: “I was looking at photos that had been taken at Christmas and I just didnt like what I saw, so I decided there and then that it was time for change.

After putting it off for two weeks in January, Grainne finally joined Slimming World on 17th January 2011. She still remembers the fear she felt and how nervous she was before she entered the room.

Those nerves and fears were soon dispelled when she walked into the group and a sea of friendly faces greeted her.

The members’ stories about their weight loss journey were so inspiring and finding out she could still enjoy all her favourite food’s such as curries, burgers and chips and bacon and egg without having to measure or count calories was just amazing.

Following Slimming World’s fabulous food plan, eating unlimited healthy and filling foods every day, Grainne was amazed at how quickly the weight began to move.

Grainne soon realised she could enjoy unlimited amounts of food such as pasta, potatoes, rice, fish lean meats, poultry eggs and much more without the guilt or hunger pangs.

Returning to group on week two, Grainne was delighted to find that she had lost 4lb.

Grainne always compares every pound she loses to a 1lb tub of butter so visualizing four of these tubs as her first weeks loss really inspired her to continue.

Grainne has continued to lose weight steadily and after just 30 weigh ins had lost an amazing four stone, and has dropped from size 16/18 to size 10.

Grainne loves her new look but can’t believe how much more energy she has to enjoy spending time with her granddaughter Aoibhin.

Grainne was so amazed and inspired by her own success at Slimming World that she wanted to shout it from the rooftops, so she decided to train to become a Slimming World Consultant herself.

Grainne says: “If I can help just one person feel as good as I do I’ll know I’m in the right job”.

Grainne’s group opens on Monday 9th January at 7.30pm in the Fairways Hotel Dundalk and she cant wait to welcome other males and females into the wonderful family that is Slimming World and to watch them be amazed at how easy it is to achieve your weight loss goals the Slimming World way!

So just come along on the night or feel free to call Grainne on 087 7966053 or check out