Jean Luc Godard, Senator Norris and this week's films

Jean Luc Godard, Senator Norris and this week's films

As I’ve mentioned here many times, one of my favorite quotations when it comes to cinema is “Film is a political act” said by my favourite filmmaker Jean Luc Godard (he also said, amongst other things: “Europe has history, America has T-shirts.” A man worth googling.) I like to consider this article a political act as well and this week's jumping off point was handed to me today when I read that Senator David Norris has called for people on welfare to not be allowed buy alcohol with their dole money.

Normally of course I would get very upset at this sort of rubbish pouring out of a public representative’s mouth, but I've been far too busy drinking my dole money. It's a full time job.

In his useless, nauseating opinion, Norris screeched: that people on social welfare should not be allowed to buy drink, saying it is ridiculous that drinking has now become “a human right”.

The most windbaggy of windbag senators was squawking in the wake of the announcement of new minimum pricing for alcohol products by Health Minister Leo Varadkar earlier this week.

Norris championed the measures which will increase the price of many alcoholic drinks. He said pricing has been shown globally to “drive people away from drink”.

Speaking on Newstalk Breakfast, the former presidential candidate said: “I have no sympathy.”

“I hear people on the wireless saying: ‘Oh, what about the poor people on social welfare and them being deprived of the few drinks.’ He continued: “I don’t spend my tax dollars to buy drinks for people on social welfare. I really don’t and I resent that, I think that it’s ridiculous that tax dollars are being used to fund drinking.”

Asked by Ivan Yates if he was proposing that people on welfare should not be allowed to buy a drink, Norris said: “Not with tax money, no. I don’t think tax is for people to be drinking all the time, and I see them all around my area buying slabs of drinks for virtually nothing.”

He said that he regularly sees people “vomiting and puking all over the place” and said the country had “gone mad on drink”.

In a week when many worried how a complete and utter imbecile like Donald Rump could possibly be the leading GOP candidate in the race for the Republican nomination, we are reminded of just the sort of entitled folks we have on our own shores.

Norris has led an entitled and state subsidised life. Coming as he does from the ruling classes it is understandable that his liberal opinions on issues of race, sexual persuasion and equality should fall away when it comes to issues of class. This is his very own let them eat cake moment and reason enough in my humble opinion to burn the Seanad to the ground. Moreover perhaps as he is paid in "tax dollars" (whatever they are? Tax dollars? What year is it David wonders and who is the president?) perhaps we should place restrictions on how he himself is allowed spend the very generous salary we pay him.

Perhaps Mr Norris would like it if at the very least we placed an injunction on the use of Irish Government stationery to interject in serious court cases in countries like Israel or as long as he is state paid how about a ban on talking utter balls about James Joyce's Ulysses only serving to put off possible readers of the book with his egotistical, superior class Hooray Henry act.

Oh I did get upset didn't I?

I'll just finish here with a few film reviews and then I'm off to the bookies and the pub like the riff raff the good Senator knows I am.

If Norris was a film he would not be Star Wars, which people love and reminds me that I have neglected to mention thus far that from last Thursday a new Omniplex Cinema in Dundalk has part opened. This Thursday it will fully open for the big release of the Christmas Break and perhaps the biggest release of the year - the new Star Wars film.

Is Dundalk big enough for two cinemas?

I’ve often doubted that it’s big enough for one so hopefully we can have a cinema war, or something, anyway, I would love to be able to proffer you all with a detailed preview of said Star Wars film but they keep these things under wraps and I’m not the sort of film critic anyway wants to let into their film because I try to tell the truth, or my own version of it anyway.

I did however read an interview with one of the stars of the new film, the little known Harrison Ford who has seen it and commented that it’s “a huge movie, it’s a really big movie” I will leave the quote there and allow you all to read into it what you want, though if that's the best he can come up with my guess is that they have brought back Jar Jar Binks and set Chewbacca on fire.

Go and make your own minds up when the film opens next Thursday December 17th.

You can watch the film in the normal 2D, in pointless 3D or you can not watch it at all if that's what you want in NoD.

In one or perhaps both cinemas this week and next, the following films will be screened for your collective and individual enjoyment:

Black Mass

A career high performance from Johnny Depp but if it looks like there is nothing new under the sun that is because there is nothing new under the sun. ⅗

Bridge of Spies

Wonderfully polished period piece from the great magician of Hollywood, by magician I mean trickster, Spielberg has not made a great film since Jaws and while this film is not the affront to history or it’s victims that films like Schindler's List and Saving Ryans Privates were, its still closer to Fantasy then it is to the past. ⅗


Based on the Colm Toibin novel that I tried to read but my eyes jumped out of my head and hid behind the sofa until I put it down, this film directed by Irish director John Carney and played out by a wonderful and predominantly Irish cast is a solid piece of cinema that will get the women holding their handkerchiefs and the men in the good books. ⅗

Christmas with the Coopers

Despite having an impressive ensemble cast featuring amongst others: Alan Arkin, John Goodman, Ed Helms, Diane Keaton, Jake Lacy, Anthony Mackie, Amanda Seyfried, June Squibb, Marisa Tomei, Olivia Wilde and Steve Martin. this film is so sickly sweet that it will give you diabetes before you even open your selection box.


Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have real comedic chemistry together and are always fun to watch. The rest of the film may let them down and play out in a predictable fashion but fans of these two will find much to enjoy here. ⅗