‘Get High’ sign grabs lots of attention for new Sky Park

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The Cooley Peninsula has long been known for its scenic beauty and as a place where people can go to enjoy a weekend, but a new sign suggests that maybe people should get more than a dose of fresh air.

An electronic sign on the road into Carlingford urging people to ‘Get High in July’’ has caused a bit of a stir in the locality.

The road sign, of the kind more commonly used to highlight roadworks, was set in the back garden of a local businessman.

The sign which appeared in local business man Tom McArdle’s garden a couple of weeks ago, repeatedly flashes Carlingford - Get High in July.

According to the Cooley Peninsula Tourist Office, the Facebook page of the Carlingford Adventure Centre has received “negative messages from outraged locals who are appalled at the thought of their beautiful village becoming a haven for drugs and related dangers.”

However the ‘outrage’ might be more tongue-in-cheek than anything else a s it has emerged that the sign is an attention grabbing way of highlighting the locality’s newest attraction.

Because the sign is in fact an advertisement for the new Sky Park attraction which is set to open this summer.

“The sign is there because we are all about people getting naturals highs, and of course because the Sky Park is about an aerial course,” Tom McArdle told the Dundalk Democrat.

“It’s been scientifically shown that the high from endorphins that are produced during the rush of adventure activities are larger that of chemical highs. “

The Sky Park is an aerial course and will be the biggest of its kind in Ireland

The park is set to open in July, explaining the mischievious: “Get High in July” signage that has ruffled the feathers of some locals.

“I apologise to anyone who might have taken offence. The signage has now been altered,” concluded Mr McArdle.


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