Ardee Powerlifting Club proves popular, with many members winning national championship medals

THE Ardee Powerlifting Club is based at Universal Gym Tierney Street Ardee.

THE Ardee Powerlifting Club is based at Universal Gym Tierney Street Ardee.

It has been run by Nigel McArdle has been running the gym since 1998 and he set up the powerlifting club in 2009.

Nigel McArdle is a NCEHS certified personal trainer. He is a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Ju-Jutsu. 1st Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo. JDIATCC Tai Chi (Yang Style) Instructor.

He has travelled widely as part of his martial arts education including China, USA, Sweden, France and UK. In 1997 he started teaching Taekwondo, Ju-Jutsu and Tai Chi.

He won a gold medal at the United Nations of Ju-Jutsu World Championships.

Since Nigel set up the Ardee Powerlifting Club they have won seven national championship medals with IDFPA (Irish Drug Free Powerlifting Association).

The IDFPA has two sections - unequipped, often called ‘raw’, where the lifter is not allowed any supporting equipment and equipped where the lifter is allowed supporting equipment (knee wraps, super suit and bench shirts). The association has a lifetime drug-free policy. The anti-doping programme and at least 10 per cent of the lifters are tested within national competitions.

Anyone caught on anabolic steroids is banned from the association for life.

“For the powerLifting club,” said Nigel, “we have the fully equipped gym with racks, platforms, barbells, dumbbells, relevant machines.

“We have structured training methods and a very committed training ethos.

“We take part regulary in national powerlifting events and many of our members have won national championship medals.

“We have five members eligible to compete at the European Championships in Switzerland this coming September.

“All individuals interested in improving their strength are welcome to join the powerlifting club. Males and females are welcome. The gym times are: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 7.30-9.30pm. Friday 7-9pm.

The gym also specialises in personal training, fitness classes, wellbeing classes, martial arts classes and power lifting.

“I started personal training sessions in 2002,” said Nigel. “These sessions have helped a large number of clients achieve their personal goals of weight loss, general fitness, specialised fitness goals, injury recovery, boost energy levels and general well-being. Personal training sessions are held in a private gym, early mornings and evenings, at times that best suit busy individuals.

“We also have fitness classes, classes in aerobics, women’s circuit training, kickboxing cardio, well-being classes, classes in Tai Chi, and Yoga.

There are also classes for juveniles run according to an enjoyable curriculum which places an emphasis on team work and individual development.

So if you are interested in joining the Ardee Powerlifting Club or any of the other features available from the gym then contact: 087-1338195.