Ardee Town Council are to carry out restoration work on Foster momument

The Vere Foster monument in Ardee Market Square will undergo restoration work which will cost 6,000 euro

The Vere Foster monument in Ardee Market Square will undergo restoration work which will cost 6,000 euro

The 6,000 euro will cover basic restoration. It will not include restoring the fountain.

The council will also carry out work on the statue on the Drogheda Raod commemorating those who lost their lives in the War of Independence.

That work will cost in the region of 2,000 euro.

The work on the Vere Foster monument will be carried out by a specialist team because of the nature of the structure.

Councillors were told there is no funding from the Department for the Environment, or any other department for the work, so it will have to come from the town council’s own budget.

It is likely that the money will come from the Improve Our Town fund.

Cllr Jim Tenanty suggested that the council tries to link up with Ardee Tidy Towns group to see if both bodies can use their combined efforst to restore the much loved monument.

The council believe that if the work is not carried out by Ardee Town Council itself, then nobody will look after it.

Sir Vere Foster was born in Copenhagen in 1818 of an Irish born father.

He worked in the UK Diplonatic Corps but left in 1818 to help victims of the Great Famine on his brother’s estate at Glyde Court near Ardee.

He was deeply concerned by reports of the terrible conditions for those using emigrant ships crossing the Atlantic. Foster campaigned in the USA and Britain for improved conditions for the passengers.

He helped to found and became the first President of the Irish National Teachers Organisation.

He travelled throughout the country campaigning for the maintenance and improvement of national schools.

Vere Foster is also known for the popular Vere Foster National School Writing Books.

He died in Belfast on 21 December 1900.

The Vere Foster national school in Tallanstown was named in his honour.

The newly elected chairman of Ardee Town Council said the Vere Foster monument is a landmark in the town and everything should be done to carry out this initial restoration work.

Cllr Finan McCoy said it would be ideal if the fountain could also to restored at a later time.