Stapleton Place raised in Dail

SENATOR Mary Moran has raised the new cycle lanes controversy in Stapleton Place in the Dail.

SENATOR Mary Moran has raised the new cycle lanes controversy in Stapleton Place in the Dail.

The senator has described the layout of the cycle lanes to the House and explained the dangers involved for residents living on that side of the street, particularly when trying to manoeuvre buggies, prams, car-seats, small children or disabled persons across the cycle lanes to their homes.

“I am in favour of cycle lanes,” she said, “as a means of encouraging people to cycle to work or school in a safe manner. “But when they also constitute a hazard for other road users and local residents, I would like to see more consultation and discussion taking place. I urge the Minister to address this issue in Dundalk to see if a satisfactory resolution can be found.”

Minister Alan Kelly responded by thanking Senator Moran for bringing the issue to his attention and said that he plans to visit Dundalk in the near future and will be happy to meet with Senator Moran and Dundalk Town Council to try to resolve the problems associated with the cycle lanes.

“The area of Stapleton Place,” she said, “which is one of the widest roads in our town, was completely rearranged in recent months to facilitate the installation of a double cycle lane on this one way street which prior to the cycle lanes facilitated two lanes of traffic.

“I would also like to ask why the residents and local school were not consulted on the matter before roadworks commenced. I understand that there was no obligation to consult the residents, but surely these residents should have been consulted and their opinion sought.

“I am in favour of cycle lanes and would encourage people to use bicycles but where they cause a safety hazard to other road users careful consideration and consultation is needed. As someone who uses this road every day I can report that I have not seen anyone cycle on this road and the idea of a double lane of cycle traffic, if it were used, would be a huge risk to the safety of people on this road.

“The junction at the entrance has also been narrowed to ensure the traffic is reduced to a single lane which is causing huge congestion on the road and surrounding areas. This unsightly lump of cement is which is very badly placed is in my opinion highly dangerous and I have witnessed a car go headlong into it through no fault of his own.

The surface of the road as a result of the road works is totally unsatisfactory.”