County Manager Conn Murray urges public to give the controversial cycle system a chance

The Manager has been firmly behind the Dundalk Town Council’s Smarter Travel Policy

The Manager has been firmly behind the Dundalk Town Council’s Smarter Travel Policy

The town may not have been a finalist in the Government’s 50 million euro Smarter Travel scheme, but it did win funding for a school’s cycling project and it is trying to get people to cycle and walk around the town and live a healthier lifestyle.

“We always said this is the right way forward for the town,” County Manager Conn Murray has said about the Smart Travel Programme for Dundalk.

The redesigning of the Square was part of this Smarter Travel plan called Go Dundalk and referring to the controversy over Stapleton Place, Mr Murray said:

“There are steps to be taken in this process and each one presents a different issue. But we need to be patient. It will take time and there will be problems, but we should support it.”

He beleieves that the project is an ambitious, but that it will work in the end. The problem is that we are all going to have to think differently.

Dundalk Town Council is building a cycle lane network that will cover the entire town when completed.

Conn Murray has called for an understanding of the project and all that’s involved.

The construction of the cycle lanes in the town have caused controversy and some councillors have called for a full review of the works. Dundalk Town Council Engineer Catherine Duff has reassured councillors that a safety audit will be carried out, according to regulations, and all the safety issues and concerns about the cycle lanes will be dealt with under that regulation.

The engineer said she believes there is perhaps a lack of understanding about what the council is trying to achieve by creating a cycle network.