Ardee hero Frankie saves man’s life after River Dee plunge in early hours of Tuesday morning

Ardee man Frankie Fay proved a hero last week when he helped rescue a man from the River Dee in the centre of town

Ardee man Frankie Fay proved a hero last week when he helped rescue a man from the River Dee in the centre of town

The man had fallen into the river at Dawsons’ Bridge in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Frankie was walking home across the bridge when he heard somebody calling and realised that somebody had fallen in.

He threw the man a lifebelt and managed to keep him afloat until gardai arrived at the scene and were able to rescue him from the river.

The vice chairman of Ardee Town Council Michael Farrelly said the incident showed once again the need to maintain proper lifebelts along the banks of the river Dee in the town.

“These lifebelts have been constantly vandalised over the years,” Cllr Farrelly said.

“I have raised this point in the past and what happened last week clearly shows the need to make sure that these lifebelts are not damaged.

“This man could have lost his life had it not been for Frankie’s quick action.

“And if the lifebelt had not been there I dread to think what might have happened.”

The popular Riverside Walk area along the river was given a facelift recently when members of Ardee Town Council, council officials and members of the public joined forces to carry out a clean up this area.

People gathered in bridge street car park and proceeded to clean from the bridge right along the pathway and riverbank out to John Street.

The clean-up followed a meeting of the town council when the problem of anti-social behaviour and vandalism was raised.

The councillors said it was time to reclaim the walk for the people of the town.

This amenity is widely used by walkers on the Sli na Slainte route around the town and also by those who just wish to enjoy a quiet walk by the river.

The Riverside Walk clean-up was such a success inbringing the community together it is hoped to carry out a clean up in other parts of town at future dates.

It is all part of the plan to protect and enhance the many amenities which can be enjoyed by locals and visitors and it can also highlight the need for water safety.