Ferdia Park fury over bottle banks x

Ferdia Park fury over bottle banks x

The recycling bottle banks at Ferdia Park Ardee were left in an appalling condition over the Christmas holidays, according to the local residents group.

Liz McKenny, a spokesperson for the group said that despite appeals to people not to dump material at the banks, a huge amount of rubbish was left strewn in the vicinity of the banks.

The county council litter wardens had to be called in and appeals made to council officials to get the mess cleaned up.

Despite being asked not to dump when the banks were clearly full, some people in the area continued to do so.

Independent county councillor Jim Tenanty contacted senior council staff and the area was cleared up thanks to the council and the recycling centre.

But the residents group are clearly angry at the selfishness and irresponsibility of some people who, according Liz McKenny just didn't care about the estate and the health hazard the dumping was causing.

Ferdia Park has won many environmental awards at the annual Louth Looking Good annual awards ceremony and is one of the tidiest and finest estates in any part of Louth.

The residents group also help to establsih abnd run a youth centre on the estate.

the majority of residents are not only responsible when it comes to disposing of waste, they are also active in making the estate safe.

The local residents group has worked tirelessly over the years to achieve this high reputation, so there is clear disappointment that such indiscriminate dumping is taking place.

Recycling bring banks are strategically located across the county allowing householders to dispose of clear, green and brown glass and also aluminium drink cans.

People are asked not to abuse these facilities by leaving rubbish or waste at them.

Littering is an offence under the Litter Pollution Act and offenders are liable to an on-the-spot fine of €150.

Leaving your recyclable items beside the bottle banks, rather than placing them in the containers provided is illegal and costs time and money to clean up.