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MCKEOWN Shandel 12th Anniversary In loving memory of our daughter Shandel McKeown, late of 150 Cedarwood Park who died on the 7th of December 2000. Age 7. A thousand words won't bring our daughter Shandel back, We know because we've tried, A million tears won't won't ease the pain, We know because we've cried, They say that memories are golden, And maybe that's true, But we never wanted memories, We only wanted you. Love you always mam, dad, sisters and brothers x x Grandaughter Sadly we were not there, When you closed your eyes, We did not get to say goodbye, Just know we will always love and miss you. Love granny & Gerry, aunties Emma & Marguerite, Kylie & Katie & baby Dylon x Niece Quietly today your memory is kept Shandel, No need for words, We will never forget you. Missing you and love you always, Auntie DÊarbhla & cousins x

MCKEOWN Shandel 12th Anniversary In loving... MCKEOWN Shandel 12th Anniversary In loving...

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