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MALONE Mary 4th Anniversary In loving memory of my dear wife Mary Malone, whose 4th Anniversary occurs on 22nd November. Wife To all the world I am coping, I am fine when people ask, But if they saw my broken heart, They would know its just a mask, People say I have memories, But they don't understand, You cannot kiss a memory, Or hold a memories hand. They say that hearts don't break, But I know that's not true, For on the day you left me Mary, My heart just broke in two. Always loved and sadly missed, your loving husband Fintan. Mam You left us precious memories, Your love is still our guide, Although we cannot see you Mam, You're always by our side. Loved always by your sons Martin and Thomas. Mam I never knew that Saturday, What angels had instore, They took from earth to heaven, The mother I adored. I never wish for miracles, But today just one would do, To have my front door open, And my Mam to walk through. Loved always and never forgotten by your heartbroken daughter Sarah and son-in-law Noel.

MALONE Mary 4th Anniversary In loving memory of... MALONE Mary 4th Anniversary In loving memory of...

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