‘You can fight for your home, don’t hand in the keys’ claims campaigner

A Dundalk man says that there is a growing resistance to bank led evictions in Ireland, but that homeowners need first to aim themselves with knowledge.

Finbar Markey is part of growing fraternity of people who are offering advice to lay litigants across Dundalk on how to fight lending institutions who are coming after their homes.

“Everyday we speak to home owners and small business owners that are under huge pressure and at the end of their tether.

“We also speak to elderly people who have put their homes as collateral for various loans, and they now face litigation from banks.”

Mr Markey usually encounters people who are considering the personal insolvency practitioner scheme (PIPS),

He opposes the PIPS process . Mr Markey claims that what people need to realise is that the court process is the not the end of the line for their home, and that it is in fact just the beginning of the fight.

“People often think that once they have reached the court stage that it is game over. More often than not someone has come through the the process where as they are judged to have a mortgage that is not sustainable.

“They are entering the courts process and whether through depression or s tress they may not turn at the hearing.

“As it is a summons a judge can find against you and infavour of the lending institution, even if you aren’t there. “So you should attend and go about the business of fighting them through the courts system.”

Mr Markey says that he and people linked to him have effectively amassed collaborative information from four years of the collective experiences of lay litigants who have fought the banks.

“People think that ‘Oh, I don’t have the education to do this, I don’t have the knowledge’. Well if you don’t you have it, it’s time you got it.”

“We can help you with the process and the process doesn’t necessarily mean that you will lose you home, and even if that is the ultimate outcome, it can been delayed for literally years.

“You simply have to arm yourself with the information.”

If you wish to contact Finbar Markey call 0877050903


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