Woman tells of her time on a trolley in Our Lady of Lourdes

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A Dundalk woman has given an account of her time spent on a trolley at the crisis hit Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda.

In an account given to the Dundalk Democrat, the person who didn’t wish to be named, tells of a torrid few days spent in the hospital.

The woman was taken by ambulance to hospital on Tuesday from Dundalk and says in her account: “My mother was in the ambulance with me. I had no shoes or socks or my phone or handbag. I fell asleep when I got here and when I woke at two I asked where my mother was.

“I was told she would be sent in. I asked at least ten times to different people where she was and could I use a phone to ring her.”

She was told repeatedly that they “would get back to her”, but no one did.

“At 8pm a nurse finally allowed me to use a phone. It turned out my mother and father had been sitting outside till 6pm. No one bothered to find out what had happened and my parents were not allowed in as it was too busy, even though the patient beside me had her friend in for half an hour.

“My parents had to drive back up from Dundalk at 9 that night with my overnight bag and my phone.”

She was discharged the next day (Wednesday) when tests came back clear.

“However the next day the same thing happened and again I was bought in by ambulance at half eleven in the morning where I have remained on a trolley since. I was in a corridor and only got moved to a cubicle late last night so I could sleep.”

What made matters worse was that the woman had had a hip replacement a number of weeks ago so the trolley was extra uncomfortable for her.

“I’m due for discharge at 5pm today (Friday). Staff have been very busy and rushed but trying their best with what they have. It’s just bad communication on Tuesday when the crisis hit.”


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