‘We simply can’t cope with the volume of dogs’

Fiona with one of the dogs

Fiona with one of the dogs

“This month is worse then ever,” said Fiona Squibb of Louth SPCA. “The number of dogs being abandoned at the moment is just extraordinary”

January is often a difficult month for people whose work it is to rehome and help animals.

Yet apalling as the month is, January 2014 looks like being one of the worst on record.

“Of course in January there is an increase in stray Christmas puppies, which have been abandoned once the owners become bored of them.

“But what we are seeing this year is an increase in the number of people surrendering their dogs to us.

“It doesn’t cost them anything to surrender to us, while there is a fee for them to be surrender to the Monaghan Dog Pound.

“When people want to dispose of their pets, they want it done immediately. They won’t hold them for a few weeks so we can find room for them, they want them gone immediately.

“Unfortunately the huge numbers we are seeing means that our kennels are increasingly full up, and that means that we have to turn people away.

“We are seeing animals of all ages being thrown out. It’s hard enough to get your head around how someone can abandon a puppy, but we are also seeing people abandoning dogs who are 8, 9 and 10 years old. How could you have that animal for that long and then abandon it to a kennel? I sooner have my dog put down. “

What Fiona wants to see is a change in attitudes to animals in Ireland .

“If people neutered the dogs that would be starting point.

“What I’d like to see is people thinking about what they are doing when they buy a dog. I saw one husband buy a Chihuahua for his wife and it was on Done Deal a few days later.

“We also see people moving from a flat and leaving dogs in the flat for the landlord to get rid of . We had a labrador and three pups the other day. People just have a disposable attitude to animals.”

However more people are starting to visit the Louth SPCA kennels at Walterstown and Fiona hopes more people thinking of rehoming dogs as opposed to buying from pet shops and theinternet.

“Hopefully more people will come forward to help rehome these dogs and cats.”


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