Water metres will be here by June says council as handover approaches

County Hall  Dundalk Home to Louth County Council

County Hall Dundalk Home to Louth County Council

On 1 January the water services in Louth will transfer to the new Irish Water Company, and this company will charge all customers for the service.

Water metres will be installed by the middle of next year. Universal charging will apply from 2015.

In the annual budget report for Louth County Council, County Manager Philomena Poole said Louth local authorities will continue to operate the water service for a number of years “to ensure safe and efficient supply of water services to the public”.

A transition plan has been put in place.

Louth Local Authorities will set up a new customer relations management system next year.

County Manager Philomena Poole announced this in her annual budget report.

The manager is also setting up a new council meeting administration system so that councillors can make submissions on-line and have easier access to information.

This digital strategy will be useful as departments in the county’s different councils start to merge before next year’s local government transformation.

Next June the county’s four local authorities – Dundalk, Ardee, Drogheda, and the county council - will amalgamate to form one combined council for the county.

At the moment there are 26 county councillors, 12 Dundalk Town Councillors, 9 Ardee Town Councillors, 12 Drogheda Borough Councillors.

A total of 59.

This will be reduced to 29 on one new council.

They will represent their areas in the new municipal districts.

“There will be no loss of focus on the large urban areas of the county and there will be high quality customer service centres in key population areas,” Ms Poole said.

The annual commercial rate goes from 55.08 to 55.36, which still leaves Louth the third lowest in the country for rates.

This rate has been held since 2010 but the increase is due to the reduction in funding for local government.

When the new council comes in next year, county and urban rates will be brought in line when a base rate is introduced in the 2015 budget.

The total expenditure for next year is €67.76m. The income wills €49.99m. The balance of €17.77m will be funded by the Local Government fund, the Pension Related Deductions from staff remunerations and commercial rates.

Also in 2014 the County Development Board will be wound up a local community development committee will be set up. This will focus on community planning.


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