Volunteers relish the chance to give something back

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“We’re like a recruitment agency for Louth Volunteers,” says Kayleigh Mulligan from Volunteer Louth. “That’s probably the easiest way to explain what we do.”

Many of us have, in our more philanthropic moments, considered working as a volunteer.

We all have causes close to our heart, and luckily for various charities and groups across Ireland, many people do get up and out, helping a cause in their local area.

“There are so many different motivations for people volunteering,” Kayleigh explained.

“ For many it’s a way of giving back to the community and a cause they believe in. For others it’s a way of keeping work skills fresh, adding to their CV and being productive. For many it’s a mixture of both. There are so many different factors. “

Currently there are as many as 350 group available for placements in Louth, many of which are on the look out for new volunteers.

“There are so many organisations out there looking for volunteers. Some organsations attract more volunteers then others, and sometimes it’s our job to help find the the right placement for a volunteer that comes to us.”

One organisation which has been doing great work is the Ring of Gullion and Cooley cross border Conservation Volunteer group, whose volunteers have been removing Rhododendron from Ravensdale Forest Park.They met up again last Saturday to clear more of the alien plant from the forest.

There are roles with Louth Men’s Sheds organisation, mental health organisations such as SOSAD, working with older people and roles with people who are seeking assistance in recovering from drug addiction.

Volunteer Eileen Stapleton said that she has really benfited from volunteering, as well as having an opportunity to give back.

“I wanted to maintain my office skills and to add to my CV,” says Eileen. “I have worked for years in this capacity and wanted to keep my skills fresh.”

Eileen has also worked with suicide counselling service, SOSAD. 
“As well as working with Volunteer Louth itself, I’ve also worked with SOSAD. It’s something that was close to my heart I suppose you could say.”

If you would like to register with Volunteer Louth you can visit volunteerlouth.ie, go to the Town Hall on Crowe Street on Monday or on Thursday between 9.30am and 5pm or email: info@volunteerlouth.ie or call 086 0431379.


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