Triumphant grading for Dundalk Karate students

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editorial image

Students of Dundalk Karate triumphed yet again during a recent grading in the Redeemer Family Resource Centre where everyone was put through their paces.

Everything from basic punches, blocks, kicks to combinations, Katas (form), Kumite (fighting) was covered and each and every member proved that not only had they been putting in the hours in the dojo training, but that they were more than ready for their next Kyu grading.

Up first was Isabelle and Ryan why sailed through their 10th Kyu grading (yellow stripe), followed closely by Katie, Franciszek, Philip, Liam, Denise, Chloe and Christopher who were all triumphant in passing their 9th Kyu Grading (Red Belt).

Next to shine was Tiarnan who was going for his 7th Kyu (Orange Belt) and Catherine who was going for her 2nd Kyu (Second Brown Belt) and both passed their grading’s with ease. Each and every member passed with flying colors and with Sensei Mary Marcus head of Dundalk Karate scrutinizing every move each member made, nobody failed to impress.

“Today is another stepping stone in their karate journey and I am delighted to be part of this journey,” said Sensei Mary said after the grading.

“I am so proud of each and everyone of them, they have shown that they are true Karateka’s. OSS.”

If you would like any information on Dundalk Karate you can contact Sensei Mary at 086-3531625 or email


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