The Greenore Railway

IT was snowing on New Year’s Eve 1951 when the last train for Greenore left Quay Street station Dundalk. Engine number 93 had driver Barney Dullaghan at the helm. His fireman was Hugh Rafferty and rail guard was Pat Rafferty. The train was full of revellers. They were hanging out of the windows and the roof and the emergency chord was pulled so many times it took half the night to get there. Nobody wanted this last journey to end.

made many stops all along the line which left both trains arriving over two hours late into Greenore Station the one from Newry last in, contrary to schedule.

Round about the same time Edward Boyle, with over fourty years service left Edward Street Station in Newry for his final journey. He was accompanied by fireman Teddy Berrills and rail guard Thomas Carroll with fifty years service. Again there were plenty of “unscheduled stops” at local hostelries along the route. In fact, the train was abandoned at Carlingford while all on board headed into the pub.

This Sunday 9 December the Greenore Historical Group will launch a specail DVD and display a specially build working model of the Greenore station at Greenore Co-Op at 2.30pm.

Five of Greenore’s own iron men have contributed to the DVD: engine driver Sean Waldron, firemen Hugh Rafferty, Josie Breen and George Killen and platform traffic man Patsy McGarritty. Eric Hynes and George Beattie also recall train journeys in their youth on the DN&G Railway system.

It’s worth a visit.




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