Tesco super structure takes shape

Spring up from the  demolition of the Old shopping centre is the New Tesco   store Photo Arthur KInahan

Spring up from the demolition of the Old shopping centre is the New Tesco store Photo Arthur KInahan

For those passing through the Hill Bridge Street area of late it would be nigh on impossible not to be struck by the steel monolith that is the new Tesco store.

Like the skeleton of some of long extinct metal dinosaur, the sheer scale of the project and the pace that it seems to being built might well take your breath away.

The project is one of the largest construction developments currently under way in the country, and the figures involved are mind bogglingly big.

For example so far there has been some 1073 tonnes of steel taken onto site, which is made up of 4571 separate pieces.

“We are currently working towards making the building watertight by the end of February,” says Declan Flood of Precision Contruction. “The glazing contractor will hopefully be on site next week.And once that is done it will be working within a weather proof environemnt.

Unfortunately for the build the weather of the last few days and indeed weeks, has not helped .

“We have lost a number of days due to the weather for health and safety reasons. With the high winds it is impossible for people to work at height.”

Work has also begun on the new petrol station.

Another major task on the project is to bring the Ramparts River under the building for a length of 190 metres.

“We are working closely with the Fisheries Board. The new culvert will have a bigger capacity then the river has at the moment and fish will be able to get through.”

Indeed there are trout in the Ramparts, and shoppers may well be able to see them as when the store is finished you will be able to vierw the river from within the store.

“Dundalk Town Council and all the services have been very helpful.

“Th e project has been able to take 20 people off the Live Register locally and is bringing money into the local econonmy.

“We have tried to use local contractors whereever possible and everyone is being very positive about the store,” concluded Mr Flood.


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