Taoiseach launches Euro campaign for McGuinness

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Taoiseach Enda Kenny launched the European election campaign of Mairead McGuinness saying she is someone who is “emotionally connected with people, someone who understands the mechanics” of how the EU works and how to influence change”.

The MEP who was last year voted vice-chairman of the EPP in the European Parliament, the largest and most influential group in Europe, said the European elections on 23 May are the most important in the history of the state.

“With 28 countries working together across three institutions, the parliament, the council and commission,,” Ms McGuinness said, “the job is about building alliances, influencing, negotiating and shaping change brick by brick.

“Part of the ongoing dialogue and shaping involves reminding and holding to account the larger states to ensure they live up to the EU principle of equality among nations, large and small and that they follow through on agreements such as that in relation to Ireland’s debt.”

Ms McGuinness said Ireland’s place in the EU has a major influence on job creation in Ireland, with export potential, research and development investment and much more. Over 1,000 jobs are being created every week in Ireland,

“The figures that are confounding some economists but they continue to grow and will continue to do so,” she said.

On her track record, the MEP said she was proud to have been able to prevail upon her colleagues in parliament to, among other things, protect the Common Agricultural Policy budget from severe cuts.


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