Students undecided on velodrome plan

Brian Fitzpatrick President of DKIT Students Union

Brian Fitzpatrick President of DKIT Students Union

The proposal to build a velodrome at the JJB centre Dundalk has receive somewhat negative feedback from the students of sports related courses at the DkIT.

Brian Fitzpatrick, President of the DkIT Students Union, said the SU is currently gathering feedback from students.

“We are trying to gather as much feedback from students as possible,” said Brian, “before we decide whether we are in favour or against the proposed velodrome to be placed on our facility.

“I have been talking to many of the students from the sports related courses at DkIT and the initial feedback from them is overwhelmingly negative.

“The majority of the students from the sports courses would have voted in favour of the purchase of the JJB last year on the grounds that it would improve sporting facilities for them as students.”

Last year, students voted for the purchase the JJB and Ice Dome building and their fees increased by €125 a year.

Mr Fitzpatrick says students voted on the basis they would get full free access to the gym, swimming pool area, have free parking, and the use of 10 astro-turf pitches.

“It’s felt that there may not be a need for 10 astro-turf pitches. Instead, some of this space can be used to accommodate some of the other clubs and societies we have in DkIT such as basketball, athletics, badminton and special needs sports.”

DkIT does not got a cycling club currently,

“I’ve spoke to our clubs and societies officer, Derek Crilly, and he expressed his worries that the velodrome will not do anything to facilitate the demands of the students involved in the sports and societies. A cycling velodrome on our campus would be a facility DkIT students paid for to facilitate others.”

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